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Comfortable accommodation in the city centre

Comfortable accommod...

Kharkovвулиця Алчевських 24

Rooms: 5 Guests: 12

from the 450.00 UAH/24h

One bedroom near subway Pushkinskaya

One bedroom near sub...

KharkovПушкінський в'їзд 7А

Rooms: 2 Guests: 4

from the 700.00 UAH/24h

Daily rent 2 bedroom apartment in Kharkov downtown

Daily rent 2 bedroom...

Kharkovвулиця Данилевського 2...

Rooms: 2 Guests: 4

from the 750.00 UAH/24h

Three bedroom apartment in good condition

Three bedroom apartm...

Kharkovвулиця Сумська 73

Rooms: 3 Guests: 6

from the 900.00 UAH/24h

For rent 1 room apartment on Pushkinskaya str.

For rent 1 room apar...

KharkovPushkins'ka Street 69

Rooms: 1 Guests: 2

from the 300.00 UAH/24h

Rent an apartment metro Student, St. Valentine

Rent an apartment me...

Kharkovвулиця Валентинівська ...

Rooms: 2 Guests: 5

from the 380.00 UAH/24h

Cozy 2-room apartment on Moskovsky PR-t

Cozy 2-room apartmen...

KharkovМосковський проспект 1...

Rooms: 2 Guests: 5

from the 350.00 UAH/24h

1 room, Ryleeva str., 26

1 room, Ryleeva str....

KharkovRyljejeva Street 26

Rooms: 1 Guests: 2

from the 350.00 UAH/24h

1 room, Geroev Truda str., 15B

1 room, Geroev Truda...

Kharkovвулиця Героїв Праці 15...

Rooms: 1 Guests: 4

from the 347.00 UAH/24h

Near Mall Caravan, Duffy SEC, TC Barabashovo

Near Mall Caravan, D...

Kharkovвулиця Тимурівців 23А

Rooms: 1 Guests: 4

from the 347.00 UAH/24h

Cheap apartments for rent in the city of Kharkiv

The main advantage of daily rent apartments in front of the hotel is the large variety of options to stay in while in a hotel or hostel has only a few choices of rooms that vary in comfort level. The fully appreciate the range of housing that can be rented for a day or more for your trip to Kharkov ADay.com.ua possible on site, where you will find many offers of real estate from the owners for a day or longer. It eats a variety of budget and luxury accommodation options, which can be booked, such as:

  • - Cozy studio in the outskirts of the city with all the necessary appliances, furniture and utensils
  • - Two, three and four-room apartments with great footage for a family or a company with the ability to add additional beds
  • - Apartments in the center of the city for tourists and businessmen
  • - Country and homes outside the city, near the forest and nature
  • - Luxury apartments with excellent comfort
  • - You can remove any of the proposed options for your trip to Kharkov without intermediaries, thus significantly reducing their living costs.


Where promptly to rent an apartment in Kharkov for a day

Website ADay.com.ua useful for different occasions in life when you need to quickly find an apartment for a few days in any of the cities of Ukraine. This may be a worker, a tourist trip or a forced stop for the night during a road. So how Kharkiv - a big city, there are many requests to rent without intermediaries, because it is the most budget way to stay for the night, and the most comfortable compared to the hostel and a hotel. However, a rented apartment that can be booked in advance, we can comfortably accommodate, to cook homemade food from products purchased at the local supermarket, take a bath and relax.

So if you value comfort and affordability in a location, then visit ADay.com.ua, to see the range of the proposed apartments, rooms and private homes available for removal without intermediaries. You can use this site a cheap furnished apartment in Kharkov for a day a few minutes before his arrival in this city, because you will be offered a very large amount of ads with the free apartments in different areas of the city.

Book an apartment for a day in the center of Kharkov without intermediaries

Like any administrative center, Kharkiv quite costly in terms of long-term and short-term rental property, so you should take care of your accommodation in advance if your plans include a stay in the city. Search for accommodation by yourself is quite difficult, especially if you do not know the city, you can not assess the location of the apartment, but in Kharkov apartment rental discounts available via ADay.com.ua. site

Here you will be asked to not only a detailed description of the facilities, but also indicates the location of the property on the map and you can see how it will be convenient to get to the center and other parts of the city. It is very convenient, and even the most inexperienced visitors to easily understand the search and booking system.